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Hornbeam Disease / Fungal Infection

QHallQHall Posts: 4

We have not managed to find anyone who can identify the disease or fungal infection our pleached hornbeam seems to have - if anyone could take a look at the photo and help us save our tree that would be great.

Thanks for your help.



  • QHallQHall Posts: 4

    Oh, obviously if anyone knows how to treat the infection / disease that would be great!

    Thanks again.

  • Melissa16Melissa16 Posts: 2

    Curious to know if you ever determined what this fungas is. My hornbeams have the same thing and I'm having trouble finding anyone who can determine the disease or perscribe treatment. Also curious to know how the tree is doing now. 

  • QHallQHall Posts: 4

    People said it was Coral Spot fungus, but it's not clear to me that it is.

    The tree was doing badly and dying back from the top, and as the tree was less stable than the others too we think it was root rot.

    We cut back the branches with fungus on it, and the stem down to below the levels of the fungus, painted over the cuts with tree wood treatment (to seal the cuts) - we also added a lot of Mycorrhizal funghi (you can buy it in tubs), which is a natural fungus that grows a new root system whilst the tree is recovering.

    Now the tree is bursting into life, but I don't think its out of the woods yet (we only did it a week or so ago, but it does seem to be working).

    Hope this help.

  • Melissa16Melissa16 Posts: 2

      Thanks for the feedback. I have nearly 80 trees that are infected, so wish me luck! I have sent to branch into a lab for testing, so I'll let you know if I learn Anything new.

  • QHallQHall Posts: 4

    That would be great - if you do come up with anything it would be great to hear.

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