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AHRAHR Sheffield Posts: 351


iv been looking to buy a weather station for upto £100. All the ones I have seen have mixed reviews on how well they work and how long they last. 

Can anyone recommend a good reliable weather station for a first time novice please? 



  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 20,499

    Having moved to a new garden in a new climate we have bought a Lacrosse Technology station.  They have a wide range of models and are supposedly reliable.  I expect there's one in your price range.   I had one of a different make in my old Belgian garden that spoke directly to my PC but it died when the temp hit -25C in winter.

    This one records temp, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, wind chill factor and atmospheric pressure but we have to note it ourselves from the screen when we get up.  I then transfer each month's sheet to a spreadsheet for comparison in future years.   Now it's getting warmer OH has set it to show min and maw temps each day and records these each evening around dinner time.

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  • Hi … I am working on this project … Everything working ok , the main problem is how i can attached all the system inside a box , to get good temperature , humidity , etc data without affecting the solar sun …

  • MeteoMeteo Posts: 1

    A lot of the stations in that price range will be hit and miss just because of the cheaper construction, if you want top quality you will need to spend a little more. At the very least it's important to look for a weather station that has wifi and can easily connect with Weather Underground so you can view the data from your phone or computer at any time. I have an Ambient Weather WS-1002 which has been very reliable, it's a little out of your price range so you could try the WS-2902 instead. This website recommends it 

    It looks like it has all of the instruments like rainfall, wind speed and direction and temperature/humidity plus it's only around $100. Probably can't go wrong with that price.

  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 2,366

    Yes I have had several of these usually bought as presents the probes tend to pack up after a while especially the outside ones. At the moment I have one that just does temperature & humidity I get the inside(kitchen) & outside (greenhouse) only.  Mine current one is a Brannan 4580.  It is not in the same league as the ones Meteo is talking about depends on how seriously you want to take it.

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  • info 677info 677 Posts: 1
    I suggest that you first need to clarify the usage scenarios and the application industry.
    Because different industries have different requirements for weather stations. There are also different monitoring principles. There are comparative reports and recommendations for various industries and applications. I hope it is useful for you.
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