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Tree for container

autumngloryautumnglory Posts: 255

I have a large container that I'm thinking of putting a tree in. I love acers, but it's not really a suitable spot for an acer because it's too sunny. 

I've looked at amelanchiers because I've read they're suitable for containers, but I'm not sure how accurate this is. Are they really good container trees? I'm open to suggestions if not!


  • it depends on which one you are looking at but yes. image  have a look at Amelanchier alnifolia.

    other alternatives are fruit trees grown on dwarf rootstock. Will tell you which ones are suitable for containers.

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    What size is the container?

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  • autumngloryautumnglory Posts: 255

    Thanks! Will have a look at the amelanchier.

    It's about half a meter square and a bit less deep. Think that's just over 1 and a half feet to anyone that doesn't do meters! 

  • Purple leaved acers like some sun.

    However, I found that in spite of having mine in a very large pot, it still did better in the ground.

    Olive trees like poor soil and can happily grow in a pot, full sun, very easy trees.

  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150

    I've got an Acer in a 50cm pot.  In the front garden, south and west aspect, can get very windy too.  Not ideal, but it survives, and looks good image

    Have to keep on top of watering it, and it gets blown over in strong winds image

    Maybe I'm just lucky.  My pot is quite straight sided. If yours is wider at the top than the bottom, like a bell pot, prepare for it to tip over frequently.

    I'm wish I had space to put mine in the ground.

  • autumngloryautumnglory Posts: 255

    We're sheltered from the wind but I have one in a much shadier spot and even that gets leaf scorch. I think it's morning sun that gets them, but my patio gets sun most of the day so it can't be avoided! 

    I have one in the ground that's not doing nearly as well as my potted one, but it's very young so I'm persevering with it.

  • autumngloryautumnglory Posts: 255

    I went for the amelanchier alnifolia obelisk, I'm really pleased with it! 

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