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Cutting back Beech Hedge in April

AryanAryan Posts: 2

Hi Brains of the Gardening World,

My first thread here! Firstly a Happy Easter to all!

A question for you all if I may. I have a very long and tall Beech Hedge which I didn't get round to cutting back ( for thicker growth) in february and am very much tempted on Bank Holiday Monday coming up to use the chainsaw/hedge trimmers and loppers to cut back quite hardily.

My only concern is, will new shoots still appear ( something to do with auxins etc, my mind is "boggle" with such terms), and will there be thicker growth to allow for winter screening also? 

It will look awful should one side sprout and the other side stay bare much like a visit to an amateur barber! (Please note leaves have started to appear on the beech, however I'm hoping it shouldn't be a problem. Im planning on doing one side only - hard back cutting as the other side has been relatively well maintained and needs a mere trim)

Much Obliged



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,658

    Yes, that is exactly what will happen. I cut a beech hedge down hard as it was too big. It took 2 years to fully clothe the cut side again.

  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 7,878

    I have a beech hedge. Looks a bit bare at the moment but closer examination reveals at least 3 recently built and currently occupied nests.

    Sorry to say but this is not a great time to be cutting a hedge really hard back. Much better to wait until autumn.

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  • AryanAryan Posts: 2

    Thanking you all!  very helpful! 

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