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Rosemary is yellow

A few branches of my Rosemary is Yellow  is this due to over water or stress , the plant is currently flowering. 

How long do rosemary normally flower for ?


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 46,968

    It's common with all evergreen plants or shrubs to have some yellowing leaves and to drop them. Just remove them  image

    Rosemary gets woody over time so you might need to replace it after a few years. Easy enough from seed.

    They don't flower for long - a couple of weeks perhaps, but it'll depend on they type and what your climate is like etc.  Mine rarely do at all as I use the foliage before it gets to that point,  and often it isn't warm enough for the plants to get to decent flowering stage either. 

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  • NoviceHerbsNoviceHerbs Posts: 126

    I live in the suburbs of london so it can be a warm thing , but  i do know i have neglected the soil some what 

  • Hi,
    Can I please piggy back your thread.
    My Rosemary plant is very yellow. It seems to be all over. I’ve tried to prune a little bit, and there is still life as the plant is growing. It is planted in a border and I don’t water excessively.

    Can anyone give me an idea of what is happening and what to do?

  • FritillariaScotlandFritillariaScotland AyrshirePosts: 67
    These Mediterranean herbs really don't like rich soil. The meaner your are to them the helper they seem to be. They don't need much water and in my experience they don't like being fed.
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