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New fruit shrubs not growing leaves


I'm new to gardening and during the first week in March I bought and planted a bare root blueberry, raspberry, gooseberry and flowering currant in compost in raised beds.

The blueberry is looking good with leaves and flowers and the raspberries are also coming into leaf. However the gooseberry and flowering currant are still bare and not coming into leaf. Is this normal in the first year or has something gone wrong?

I live in London, but all my dad's flowering currents in Devon are covered in leaves and flowers.



  • batwood14batwood14 Posts: 193

    I have just recently been down in Devon and its a different weather pattern altogether. We have had a cold dry winter, they have hard a mild wet one and warmer on average so there plants are much further ahead than ours.

    If there are buds on the the stems then leaves will come through.  Some varieties are later than others and climate plays a role in this. you will be able to see bumps along the stems where the buds are. If you can't they could have died off. My gooseberry has started to leaf but incredibly slow at doing so, 

  • Olwen83Olwen83 Posts: 2

    Thanks. You're right. My gooseberry has now grown a couple of leaves. Still waiting for the flowering currant, but less worried now.

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