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Rooted potatoes

I have a bag of potatoes that have grown quite a few roots. How do I go about planting them with hope ofgrowing more?


  • CloggieCloggie Posts: 1,455

    Just chuck 'em in the ground Tracey B, you really can't go wrong with spuds I've found.  I had some King Edwards that grew in the cupboard so I dug a hole about a foot deep and put them in and watered.  You can space them about a foot apart.  

    You get flowers that are quite pretty (these were some Tesco Finest new potatoes that also sprouted in the cupboard).  image 

    I can't remember when I decided that they were ready but it was after the flowers had gone and when you dig them up there are loads of them with the one you planted withered in the middle.

    Kids love digging them up.

    This is the informal response, there might be proper veg growers along soon to correct me.

    Have fun.

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