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Hiya needing some info on some drainage problems, gt raised beds in process of being made, just having my garden redone at moment n have lots of mot/type1/hardcore lft can i use this for drainage for my beds n veg patch 


  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,419

    How deep are your raised beds? Dont want any root crops trying to grow into it for obvious reasons. I can't see the harm in using it if you beds are deep enough but it may increase watering, some crops like potatoes need a good amount of water. I would avoid if a lot of lime stone chipping are present, some plants dont like to much lime in the soil, it can help towards potatoes getting common scab. 

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  • All dif sizes sum arent big atall ill just use a thin layer along bottom of it,im not sure if it has limestone in it would nd to have look tomorow wen suns bk up 

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