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What tree is this?


I am new to this so please excuse me if this is not the right place but...

I moved to a new place back in november 16 (NW London) and I have a cute little garden with what I thought was some sort of palm tree/plant. I also have cats who, I think, decided to use this as a means to get up onto the fence with minimal effort.

Long story short, I recently noticed that said tree/plant wasn't doing too well and it was very brown, dry and shredded (hence my guess at the cats using it as a climbing frame!).

I don't know if this was the right thing to do but I cut away all of the 'dead', dry, brown material and am now left with a sad looking (possibly) palm (possibly) tree. I don't want to lose this guy so I've been trying to find out what it is and how to look after it - with very little luck!

I have attached a photo and I am hoping that one of you fine green-fingered people will be able to offer up some answers!

It was a but fuller at the top, with more than one 'leaf', but they all died. It's a strange thing - the leaves seem to grow upwards in a spiral and then unroll after a certain point!

Waiting eagerly :) Thanks!




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