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Reseeding Lawn

Is there any merit in using 'Superpatch' (seed/coir mix)? I've seen it on sale for a couple of quid and wondering whether to buy it, or just get some lawn seed.


  • Many grass patch products are really just for patching up very small areas of grass. They appear to contain about 90% compost and 10% grass seed. Compost is too springy for laying a level lawn in large patches.

    Personally, I'd buy a box of grass seed that matches your lawn i.e. fine grass for a fine lawn, utility mix if it's a thick lawn.

    Also, buy a couple of bags of decent topsoil (preferably screened so aren't full of boulders, stones or tree debris). You may need to loosen the subsoil with a fork down to about 20cm and dress it with top soil, compact it by walking or treading (but don't stamp on it!). Then gently rake the soil, sprinkle grass seed on top, rake the seed into the topsoil with increblly gentle motions, then cover with a sprinlking of topsoil. Water with a fine spray... and keep watering  eqularly until the grass has germinated, then for a couple of weeks afterwards.

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