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12x12 garden

hello, I'm pulling my finger out and getting my garden done, I'm starting with my smaller garden that is more like a courtyard. It's slabs with a wooden fenc, can anyone help me with some ideas please I've got a few but we are on a budget, I'm going to make some planters myself. but I've had the idea of getting a cable real to use as a table but that's as far as I've gotten to planning.

all help is appreciated thank you 



  • B3B3 Posts: 26,548

    Pics would helpimage

    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • At the moment I haven't got any

  • 12feet or 12 metres square? what sort of thing are you thinking of?

  • Decepticon says:

    12feet or 12 metres square? what sort of thing are you thinking of?

    See original post

     Feet, and I was looking at going for the rustic feel with wood on the wall as a feature, I would like different colours with plants and an industrial cable reel to use as a table with smaller ones as stools 

  • I love the rustic look, mainly as I have no clue myself as how to do one of these carefully planted gardens. The mismash of colour is lovely. 

    You haven't said whether you were thinking of lifting any of the slabs. My garden has all been built directly on top of concrete- the previous owner concreted the whole thing, not a blade of grass of bit of soil. 

    We have used old railway sleepers to make raised beds in which I have lots of cottage garden plants, lilies, roses etc. We have used scaffold boards to make large planters and  I have used containers, anything from old tin baths, pails, Belfast sinks to my old wellies to use as planters. Last year my father in law ( who has the joys of watering it while I am on my hols) counted 230 odd now...probably grow this year ?. 

    Planting wise, I have roses, lilies, scabious, knautia, dahlias, yarrow, cosmos, verbena, foxgloves, lupine, sea holly, astilbe, loads of climbers etc. and the usual annuals when it warms up. 

    We have a cable reel my other half got from a job he was on which I use to display more containers of plants at the bottom of the garden and I was thinking yesterday I could do with another to slighty lower and make into a coffee type table for the veranda of my shed. 

    If you want to get an idea of what its like I will post some pics. 

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  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,550

    Oh barefoot gardener I would love to see pics of your garden.  It sounds lovely image

  • I would love to use smaller reels as stools I'm in two minds to change the slabs, they look on when they're pressure washed, I might need to relay some of them to make it level I will take some photos soon and explain my plan that I've got in my head 

  • Here's some pics of summer and a couple from the other day. Not sure why ones sideways...

    the angles trumpets are sat on my cable reel . image

  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150

    Wow!  Fabulous use of space barefoot gardener image ?

    It looks familiar, were you here last year?  If so, am I right that a lot of your plants are in containers?  

    Loving that raised bed in sage green with a climbing post and netting. What's your climber?  If I can find some spare timber and a space, I'm pinching that ideaimage

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