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Lawn problems

Hey all, 

I hope someone could help me. I don't no alot about gardening so apologies in advance.

I have a north facing 16 square meters lawn the first year i completely removed the old patchy lawn churned in some organic compost also a layer of top soil then seeded which turned out really good i was so happy with it.winter hit and it died out quite quickly so the next two years i churned up the soil and reseeded but it turned out patchy and died during winter.

I thought i may have a clay problem but after testing it with those tester kits that was ruled out. The soil can get a bit marshy and doesn't drain well. So that's my theory to why the lawn dies. 

So my question is how would you guys do it ? I'm going to try one last time this year if it doesn't work i will AstroTurf. 



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  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,142

    Could you be suffering from leatherjackets or chafer grubs? I knew for some time that I had a leatherjacket problem and was having that treated and couldn't understand why my lawn came out of the the last two winters looking very thin and threadbare. It was only when I took some turf off to address a depression in the lawn that I found I was also infested with chafer grubs. I treated both pests with nematodes last year and my lawn is looking significantly better this year.

    Lack of light and water logging as you mention won't be helping either.

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