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Clay soil


I wonder if anybody can help, I have moved into a property and I am trying to redesign the garden starting with a lawn, the people before me just had gravel all over the lawn! 

The soil is also very thick clay, I have removed the stones and forked over the whole area to get some air in and break the thin base that had been created from the stones, my next step is will be to add some compost to try and get the soil ready for a lawn, once I have treated the soil I will be putting some land drains in to keep water off the lawn.

My questions are is this the right thing to do, is there anything else I can use that will break down the clay? I want a nice lawn so I do not mind putting the work in to get it right.

thank you


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,743

    bulky organic matter, rotted garden compost, rotted manure, rotted woodchip, coarse grit added will certainly improve things.

    You mention land drains. where will this water drain to? and does it affect anyone else?

  • Hi, 

    the land drains will drain off to my own drainage this will be installed by my friend who is in the landscape business, we are going to run 4 drains down the lawn to a catch drain which then will be connected to my drain, 


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