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Driveway in our Garden... best way to mask it?

Hi all,

We bought a lovely new house in March which ticks all the boxes - bar the garden! The last occupants had knocked down a wall inbetween the driveway and the garden to extend the garden space (as it's a fairly small garden), so their child could ride their bike on the tarmac without having to go outside on the paths. 

We now have a driveway in the garden, which just looks so awful when a car is parked on there. I'm just not sure what we could do? A trellis to line the side? Any inspiration is greatly appreciated! :-)



  • Garden noobGarden noob Posts: 260

    A picture might be helpful if you're happy to share?

  • amykf91amykf91 Posts: 3


    This is the garden (apologies for the rotation!) - we are moving our bird feeder to the front of the house and ideally want to get rid of the second washing line! 


  • amykf91amykf91 Posts: 3
    Garden noob says:

    A picture might be helpful if you're happy to share?

    See original post

     Just uploaded a picture - I hadn't seen the option to post one originally, sorry :-)

  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,399

    Seems like a good candidate for a trellis. The ones with small squares are best for screening. The cheapest solution would be a bare root beech/hornbeam hedge and a bit of patience.

  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150

    Trellis would work well for an instant screening solution.  Check for clearance with the car doors wide open before you install it though, the path of flags between the lawn and the drive doesn't look very wide.

  • Garden noobGarden noob Posts: 260

    +1 for a trellis with smallish holes. That would provide an instant screen, then I would buy a few of my favourite climbers to provide some greenery. Small plants would cost around £6-8 each and would take 2-3 years to establish. All-in-all it's a relatively quick and cheap hedge.

    NB: take my comments with a pinch of salt - I'm still learning image

  • madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,523

    I found these ideas which could be adapted to make the drive itself into part of the could use plants like thyme which don't mind the occasional car wheel over them!!



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