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Cheeky chappy

Over the last weeks Mick and I have put in long hours knocking the garden into shape. We have been watched, followed front and back of the house, and had an uninvited guest for most snacks outside. No not the rat problem I mentioned some weeks ago but a Robin, he ( or she) joins us and is not at all shy about diving into a freshly dug hole or sitting on your chair or hopping around the table whilst we eat. He is waiting first thing in the morning by the kitchen door and makes it perfectly clear he is waiting for breakfast, he runs rings round the dog who gives up trying to catch him and then he darts to see what food Holly has in her dish. In the afternoon we had the doors open to the lounge and we're resting when Robin flew in and settled on my armchair,cocked his head to look me right in the eye then flew to perch on the telescope. Only when I went to get the bird pellets did he follow me out. Today we had family over for a BBQ, the main guest who was equally at ease was Robin. image



  • Delightful little bird - an amazing story Kathie - ours aren't quite so outgoing, but one calls for his breakfast each morning which I duly serve up for it.

  • kathie51dkathie51d Posts: 100

    Apart from Robin we also had an unwelcome visit from a Heron, FISHING ? It took two days to find we still had the 7 fish In the pond. Those poor fish must be nervous wrecks what with ratty falling in regularly and Heron fishing and Robin taking a regular splash and brush up in their home. Aah that's natureimage

  • I had a blackbird come down as soon as I had gone in from the garden today, sifting through the pile of compost of the patio that is awaiting pots etc. He was flinging bits everywhere looking for bugs and the like! Was funny to watch!!

  • kathie51dkathie51d Posts: 100

    Blackbirds aplenty too, they have a knack for mess, especially after laying a layer of chip bark, it covers the grassed area and when raked back into place soon spread about again. The wildlife pond seems to be awakening, hope to have the stunning Dragonflies again but newts and frogs very busy and verbal. Breakfast is served, made tea early but Robin already waitingimage


  • Mark56Mark56 Windsor, BerkshirePosts: 1,653

    Haha oh yes, god love the Robin. Mine quite often flies in through the house windows and sits with us in the Summer. 

  • kathie51dkathie51d Posts: 100

    Well Mark and Chrissy

    Robin has reached a new level today, whilst I was trying to fathom out a decent camera to catch a  better image of "himself" he came in the lounge and sat on the camera box (next to the dog !) then trying to get my attention place himself in several positions. I finally got a few shots off ( not good yet) then gave him lunch. Wish I was techno gifted as it has taken me 40 mins to transfer to my steamdriven lap top as camera not compatible with iPad ??? back to the garden for a bit of low tech enjoyment. Robin on the mantelpiece pic of daughter and her husband, (I was never that fab)image

  • kathie51dkathie51d Posts: 100

    Is it true that the Robin does not return to same territory every year? People say their Robin is back but on the tele I heard they do not? this one has a little white feather always sticking up, I expect when he is not so busy he will have a proper groom


  • kathie51dkathie51d Posts: 100

    Thinks he's at home 


  • Beautiful pictures, Robins seem to be the tamest and friendliest of all garden birds - prove me wrong?

    I have one that I feed each morning - he then collects some of the food in it's beak to feed to another robin that isn't quite so tame.  Another I feed with porridge oats, he collects the food before I have moved away, so definitely becoming more tame.  The only wildlife that comes into our house (apart from the usual array of insects) is the neighbour's cat!

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