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Rose pruning

I have a lovely rose High Hopes, outside the front of my house. My problem is, it runs along wires fixed to the house wall, but the new shoots grow up and block the light coming through the window. It is ok to keep cutting these upright shoots back to about 1ft, which would be below the window frame. I think I would need to do this many times over the growing period, as they will keep shooting up. Presumably I will sacrifice any flowers ?? Dont reality know how to deal with this, so any thoughts would be most welcome.


  • batwood14batwood14 Posts: 193

    Hi Sammy

    High Hopes is quite a vigorous climber so rather than keeping it chopped to 1ft each time try getting it to go up the side and over the top. You want to establish a frame so that can just do light prunning after flowering and more judicial pruning for winter otherwise you run the risk of not getting flowers if you just keep hacking back.

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