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KhakibosKhakibos Posts: 23

Hi, I have been given a few over past couple of years as gifts, and bought a beautiful red one for a Christmas display. Ive had all of them out doors, and they all seem to struggle, except the red flowered one. If anyone can advise I would be grateful. If I plant out of their tiny pots into shady part of garden will that be better? Keep in pots and put inside? Some plants are confusing ????


  • MarygoldMarygold Posts: 331

    Leave them in their pots and let them die down for the summer. Keep them dry (in a shed for example), then start watering them in late summer. If they regrow, use them as autumn bedding. I've had some for a few years but they only grew leaves this year. I doubt whether they would survive in the open garden. You need the hardy ones for that.

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