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I have sound the brown lumps on my fan palm and broom Cytisus, someone please confirm if this is scale and how I can get rid of it (Iv heard I might need to dispose of infected plans so worried how far reaching the problem is!)imageimage

Thanks in advance 



  • Kris3Kris3 Posts: 4

    Thanks Philippa

    I'm trying to work out where they have come from! Do they need to have been brought in on another plant or do they just 'arrive'!? (I haven't had a new plants in a while but I know scale can go un-noticed until it gets very bad on indoor plants!)

    Are certain plant more susceptible to getting scale?

    Also, Iv seen on the internet that Neem can help, have you tried this? I do have an indoor plan that has scale which I was looking to spray with Neem oil but may try methylated spirits as you suggest!

    Thanks again!


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