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Red Robin Tree

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i have a red robin, its around 6 years old and a favourite tree of mine .  We had some really bad winds a couple of months back and it seemed to loosen the tree, so we bought a stake and secured it.

prior to securing it the tree started to shed its leaves. I thought it would stop now we had done this but it's carried on.  The leaves remaining are all red and limp, the buds that were coming look like they are also dying off.  This tree has always been full of leaves and really lovely in colouring

i have a feeling the winds have damaged the roots, is there any way I can save my tree?  Sounds silly  it's getting me really down to see it like this and I am realty reluctant to just give up on it 

many thanks Lisa


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,183

    Hi Lisa. It seems to me that you are right about the possibility of the roots being damaged. You haven't said how tall the tree is but these are my thoughts. What I would do to try and save the tree would be very extreme sounding but may just work. I would hard prune all the upper growth down to about 50cm from the ground (18 inches approx. in old money) and then ensure that the rootball is firmly in place. Removing the top growth will reduce the stress on the roots and they can then concentrate on regrowing. I hope that this helps.

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