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Name that tree

i need help identifying this tree please , I have a few specimen trees in our cottage garden in Wiltshire that we have inherited from previous owners But this one is stumping us all . imageimageimage


  • Look up koelreuteria paniculata. If it's that, then you may be able to find the remains of the seed pods on the ground, papery bladders, inch or so across


  • We have only been in this property for about 6 weeks and I couldn't see any seed pods on the ground in that time , I have had a look at some pictures of the tree you suggested and the leaf certainly looks like the coral sun verity , thank you . I will try and see how I best nurture it now ?

  • Just let it do its thing. Large panicles of tiny yellow flowers in summer followed by the pods which turn pinky-orange.


  • there are quite a few dead branches on the tree , can I take them off at any time of year ? 

  • Yes, dead stuff can be removed anywhen. If they're larger ones, do a little undercut first, then cut from the top, to ensure the branch doesn't fall and strip bark down from below the cut


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