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garmcquigarmcqui Posts: 14

Hi all,

I received 24 Geraniums and 70 Begonias from JPD on Tuesday for my hanging baskets.  The instructions said to water them and place on a windowsill for a few days, however they don't seem to be looking too healthy...a bit too much yellow for my liking...



What do you think?  Should I plant them out ASAP?


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  • I think they're probably ok, as the new leaves look a better colour.  Give them some good light outside these next few days, where it's warm and sheltered and I bet they green up ok.  Minimum of water, just enough 


  • pr1mr0sepr1mr0se Posts: 1,185

    I think they will probably survive ok.  I would do as they have suggested, rather than rushing to plant them out.  The wilting leaves can be picked off, but the main plants look as if they are healthy enough.  I have had plants that have come out of over-wintering looking not dissimilar, and with a little bit of TLC they have performed very well.

    By all means express your concerns with the supplying company, but give them a bit of a chance to recuperate from being lifted, packaged and posted.

  • garmcquigarmcqui Posts: 14

    Thanks for your replies. 

    So I should place them outside rather than inside on the window sill? 

    I have plenty of little 6cm fibre pots, would I be better separating them into these, with fresh compost, until they're a bit stronger to be planted out? 

  • pr1mr0sepr1mr0se Posts: 1,185

    These plants are not frost-hardy.  You can put them outside during the day - but they need overnight protection until the threat of frost has passed.  This is usually thought of as being the end of May/beginning of June, depending where in the country you are. 

    As in many things gardening - make haste slowly!  ie don't rush to plant things outside or to make quick judgements.  Quite often I have found the "wait and see" philosophy has stood me in good stead.  (There have been some exceptions, of course .  .  .  )


  • DimWitDimWit Posts: 553

    They all look great to me. Wish my seedlings grew lavishly like that! It is almost as if mine were in a warfare area attacked by Assad.

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