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Potato Query

My seed potatoes (bought online) arrived at the end of January but two days later I got rushed into hospital :(

I am now well enough to do something with them, but having opened the box I find most of them now have long whiteish shoots.

So for chitting, should I leave these? Break them off? Or is the whole lot now wasted?


  • JoneskJonesk Posts: 205

    Wishing you well with your recovery Cathy. I always find gardening therapeutic. I'm no expert with potatoes but I should imagine they will do more in the ground than in the bin. Monty only planted his last week on gardeners world. He recommended leaving on only 1 'eye' and to rub the rest off though. Hope your recovered soon ?

  • Cathy44Cathy44 Posts: 6

    Thank you.  I'd missed Monty.

    I will put them on a window sill until I am fit enough to plant them out.  If I only end up with a small number of potatoes it has got to be better than binning them!


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