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Artifical grass installation

I have a small area of garden plagued by my cats and other animals. Im on a VERY tight budget and tried to cut a lot of corners. Instead of a artifical lawn i have a very bumpy bog land. Underneath it is soil, bark and weed membrane. I since bought bags of balast and sand. My question is should i lift the weed membrane and scrap out all the bark or will the ballast and sand level out the bumps? 


  • Bubba RayBubba Ray Posts: 83

    I have recently completed such a task. The best thing to do is remove all the bark and some of the soil. incorporate the balast evenly, put the soil back on top and flatten it (I hired a vibrating plate over a weekend for £30). Next get your sand on and flatten that. Then put your week membrane on and then it'll be ready for the artificial grass. Good luckimageimageimage

  • missyellmissyell Posts: 2

    Wow! Great job!! Thank you x

  • Bubba RayBubba Ray Posts: 83

    Thank you and I hope you get yours sorted. All the best

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