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Toad spawn

AHRAHR Sheffield Posts: 361


I have some toad spawn in my pond. Unfortunately I also have 16 gold fish in the same pond.

is there anything that I can do to save the spawn from being eaten by the fish? 


  • OnopordumOnopordum Posts: 390

    Unlike frogs & newts, toad spawn and tadpoles are generally quite resistant to fish predation because of the toxins toads produce in their skin. I'd leave it and see how it does. In general, though, goldfish (and other fish) are pretty bad for most pond wildlife.

  • I 'rescued' some spawn from my small fish pond and placed it in a specially prepared bowl (obtained suggestions for setting this up from web).  No sign of any tadpoles in my main fish pond yet again - suspect they are being eaten.   The tadpole bowl however has a lots of developing tadpoles merrilly swimming around amongst the large broken pots etc.   I've got my fingers tightly crossed that at least a few will develop fully and clamber up the provided ramp!

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