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Is my Lavender dead?

Last year I pruned my lavender heavily (about 10 of them them).  It looks like this as of today (see image).  Is it dead?  I have already ordered Hidcote from GW offers.  So I don't mind removing them completely (they are becoming woody at the bottom) 


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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,857

    You managed to leave a few leaves on so maybe all is not lost but, frankly, I think it will take ages for a plant in that condition to fill out and become attractive again so I would pull them up and get rid or you could try planting them in pots and nurturing them somewhere sunny but out of the way..

    For your new plants, trim them regularly each year after flowering is over, taking out all the flower stems and not more than an inch of foliage stems.  That way they should stay compact.

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