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Perennial Hanging Basket

Anyone got any ideas?

I'd like to make my large (pop-out panel style) hanging baskets from perennials, the idea being to have them on display year round.

I wondered if sedums might be suitable but then feared the constant exposure to wind would just tear them apart as 'tethering' space for roots would be limited to the perforations in the pop out panels.

If you have any suggestions on how to make an evergreen year round hanging basket I'm all ears.



  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,657

    There are quite a few sedums and other succulent plants that have a trailing habit which you could have in a hanging basket so long as it wasn't too exposed. I should think it would look great - very unusual because some of them are quite odd looking plants. In a good way. image

    Or look at the smaller alpine type plants, most of which grow in very limited soil, don't mind a bit of exposure and some of which trail. Get small ones and experiment a bit - you could start a trend image

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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,169

    I think you could make something striking using plants like cordyline, which would give you a fountain of strappy leaves that come in greens, stripes and purpley colours combined with some variegated ivies for trailing interest.   Heucheras might be good and come in a variety of leaf shapes and colours with white or coral pink spikes of tiny frothy flowers.   Don't try the lime green ones in full sun tho as they don't like it.

    If you want flowers too then try lavender or some of the smaller dianthus.   Both will give you blue/grey foliage and scented flowers and be a great contrast to larger leaved plants.

    Whatever you choose, it's important to get a good mix of form and texture for interest and to keep them watered regularly so their foliage stays looking its best.  That might be twice a day in hot spells.  Wind is also very drying.

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