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Hi all, I can't seem to find the garden photos thread so though I'd start a new one based on the month to help people pick plants when planning.image

I'll kick off with my raised front garden which I revamped (read: de-weeded!) in late winter and planted lots of spring bulbs.  All the hard work is paying off:


Let's see your April garden photo's folks! image

A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.


  • Lovely bed of bulbs there, Bob. 

    My bloomers are scattered about. I have two huge pots of Lithodora 'GraceWard' mixed in with some Golden Creeping Jenny.  image My newly-planted 'East Friesland' Salvia are just this week beginning to set spikes of purple blooms:  image

    Here's my potted Lavenderimage

    My blue Lobelia is bluer than this photo shows it to be:  image

    My coral bronze-leaf begonia froze off completely this winter but a few of them are coming back off their roots and starting to bloom just now:  image

    and Mr. Squirrel popped down to watch me take these pics and say good morning after our terrible thunderstorm this morning.  He stared me down a few moments and scurried off to the tree by the bench for safety from the "evil monster".  And my rat terrier, Button, was sound asleep inside and missed all that excitement.  :)  image

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