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Inspiration for bed in front of privet hedge

hi there,

Looking for ideas for this bed which is basically full of weeds etc.

Mobed into the house 18 months ago and never got round to doing anything with this area, gets good sunlight nearly all day.

Always been a bit puzzled as to what to plant in front of a hedge like this, as I will need access to cut it twice a year.

Thanks in advance.image


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,876

    Hi Grays. How wide a bed do you want to put in front of the hedge? I only ask this as any plant you put in there is going to have a lot of competition for food and water from the privet. If you want to make a wide bed, that would make more sense leaving a gap near the hedge for access for cutting.

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  • Leave some space at the back between your plants and the hedge, to allow you access to cut it. I would recommend lower growing shrubs and plants, as the hedge creates a nice backdrop to show against. Also, any taller plants will tend to lean outwards away from the hedge because of the hedge' proximity. Bear in mind too, that the hedge will win in the war for water and nutrients, so you will need to feed and mulch your border well.

    A mix of low growing flowering shrubs and perennials would add colour, and provide seasonal interest. Hope this helps :)

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