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Small bed/border around conservatory

Small bed around a conservatory.  Cleared out old (except for a Lobelia, which I dug up, split, and replanted temporarily).  Have a Yucca in the ground which I think I want to also remove - very spiky points on leaves and also suffers from brown spot hence why cut off all the lower leaves.  Bed faces North/North East / East.  Gets no sun in late autumn/winter/early spring, and in summer only gets sun in morning/mid afternoon at best.  Would ideally like something for all year round interest, and wondering if ferns would be a good choice, interspersed with a few choice long lasting perennials.  Soil is light loam. Any ideas?  Not a large border by any imagination.  There is a pond on other side of path and slugs can be a problem so nothing that will feed the local beasties please. 


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