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Badger in my city garden

imageI am so happy, unlike others to find a badger and family frequenting my garden in the city center of Nottingham, at first I thought it was just another feral cat or fox but after a few nights I actually saw to my amazement a larger than life Badger, it made me happy and what more could you want?  I feel like my garden is a small haven for life's little friends, robins that eat from my hand, dunnoclks who twitch about underneath where the tits peck at the suet balls, magpies who eat the fruit I cannot finish, frogs who like the damp places under the planters, the field mouse who eats the seeds that the robins do not want. And last but not least the family of wrens who for 4 years now have nested in this garden and seem to love eating all the little bugs that would other wise ruin mot of my veg crops. I let my garden overgrow just a bit and this is my reward. I know when I leave this life my friends in the garden will miss me

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  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 21,183




    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
  • It is a really small garden and apart from a large raised bed where I plant veggies I pretty much let the rest of it run wild with a trim back once in a while, which is often left because wrens or robins have nested :) or frogs are residing. Do not worry I spotted the nashers  on Mr or Mrs Badger the first time they came and there is no way I am going anywhere near, to be honest now that I have got the elusive proof it exists I will leave them to their 3am feed of worms and slugs etc :) thanks for saying hello pansyface. I am so happy to share this little bit of happiness in my tiny garden. Lee 

  • Mark56Mark56 Windsor, BerkshirePosts: 1,653

    Very jealous, that truly is wonderful to a fellow nature nut like myself. image great pictures, keep them coming!

  • imageTook this about an hour ago, and you did ask for more :) it is really nice that others want to see my attempts at photography never mind getting it online !!!:) just missed a blue tit where the robin pic was taken, it is on top of a little box I have put there with food on, at first I thought it was so I would get a better view of them, but I am starting to think they get as much out of this deal as me. The blue tit is very timid and as I type that it comes and nabs a seed and flies off again!!

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    Wow, I am on the outskirts, in Sandiacre, but I never see a badger. It seems the only ones I see are squashed on the A610 near Kimberley.

     I do get Robins and blue tits. Last year the robins went through a couple of kilos of live mealworms. As it is nearly chick feeding time, I must get my order in.

  • Until 3 weeks ago I had only ever seen a badger on the beeb during a documentary . I did get some dry mealworms and the robins just eat around them, they seem really happy eating the suet in those balls that you can buy for birds which I hang on the washing line, at first I saw the robins pecking around on the floor and realised they were eating what fell while the blue tits and great tits were pecking away. So built them a little table on the window ledge and crushed up a ball, and got to watch a field mouse eat the meal worms they did not want, although I have worries that mr Badger has either eaten or moved on the field mouse. Still it was nice to watch the tiny little thing eat a meal worm like a corn on the cob for a few days. Where would I get live meal worms from?  nice to hear from you fidgetbones

  • Just spotted the blue tits on the washing line, having a late breakfast image

  • They can feel free to dig away, like I said it is by no means a manicured garden it was once and it was missing something(life), to be honest even if it was I would rather have the feeling of delight I had from seeing a badger for the first time than what I would get from a manicured lawn. It is just a place I feel I share with the wildlife I just grow a few veg, and we both just let each other get on with it pretty much. I really get the feeling they feel safe in this little bit of an oasis for them. from badger to frog they are all welcome to dig and scratch and burrow till their hearts content and I will spend many happy hours watching them do it :) 


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