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Natural pond and 'never-ending' stream

we have just bought a new house with a far larger garden than we have ever had before- exciting! Between laying a patio, putting in veg beds and a greenhouse, and constructing a bigger driveway, we have decided that we would really likes little wildlife pond.

we have build a tiny pond Ina raised bed at a previous house so do have a small amount of experience, but this is going to be very different.

we have a little Coppice that slopes down towards the driveway where there is some formal shrub planting and mostly weeds. Hopefully the picture will show this.


what do people think to putting our pond behind where the blue car is? The house is south of the pond so it will be a bit shaded, at the moment it gets some sun but I think once the trees are in leaf maybe less sun? Will it work at all putting it there? Does anybody have any tips on everlasting stream designs? because of the slight fall of the area we were planning to pump the water to the top of the fall and then have a little rockery waterfall for it to splash down- thoughts?

Jo and Ian 


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