Anyone know what this is?

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Hi All

Could someone please identify this plant for me? Its taken over a small area which we share with our next door neighbour, and although I've managed to keep it from spreading onto our property,its making rapid progress across his front garden. He's recently rented the house out and I don't know whether the tenants will take any responsibility for the upkeep of the garden,  so I want to know whether the growth needs to be suppressed before it does any damage. If so, then I'll contact the landlord and make necessary arrangements. He's a reasonable chap so I don't think he'll refuse. 

Thanks in advance. 



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    looks like a Euphorbia ... :-)  (though I've not expanded the pic)


    Euphorbia.  I love it but it does spread by 'runners'.  Be careful with the stems because they contain a white sap that can irritate (can't remember if it's toxic).

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    I agree, it looks like euphorbia, possibly e. characias, as featured in April's edition of GW magazine!

    They self-seed everywhere in my garden, but bees like them. There's much worse things to have. They're fairly easy to pull up though. 

  • Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae. Invasive, but useful in shady areas, especially where it's difficult to et other things established.


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    I'd say that's the ever spreading Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae  aka Mrs Robb's bonnet.

    Mixed up with whatever it's infiltrated 

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    Thanks very much for the prompt replies, which seem to establish a fairly sound consensus.

     I do try to keep on top of any spread on our side,  but I was concerned that my neighbour's garden might end up being throttled if steps aren't taken to limit growth on his property. Whilst I was removing the strays there did seem to be evidence of lateral spreading underground, and it was this which persuaded me that I ought maybe to find out what it was, and if necessary do something before it got too well established over a wide area.

    If bees like it and its not harmful, I'll just keep it suppressed on our side,  and point out the spread to my neighbour when I next clap eyes on him. 

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