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Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar training

Hey, new to the forum. I recently purchased a weeping blue atlas cedar and Im looking for some advice. It was trained into a serpentine shape and is now about 4 feet tall. Whoever trained it didnt keep up with it and the main leader is thick and heading back towards the ground. I recently tried to wire to get the leader going back up to continue the serpentine, but i am wondering if my wiring could hurt the tree too much. Please help, love this tree and wouldnt want to lose it! Should I chop main leader and try to train the one it gets replaced with?



  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,904

    It's a weeping tree - I don't understand what you want it to doimage. The trunk has been trained to make it look aged, a bit like a bonsai, but now that's been achieved I would remove those wires and let it follow it's own elegant inclinations. 

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