California Wildflowers

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After seeing someone post about California poppies, it made me think about the wildflower blooms going on in my home state right now after our heavy winter el nino rains. Many of my FB friends have been posting photos. 

(I'm now in England but this is the most beautiful time in California-- Feb and March our only 2 months of green)

I can't seem to grow CA poppies here although I see them in other people's gardens.  Always make me think of home.


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    I see them in other people's gardens quite a lot. I think sharply drained poor soil is best. Nothing can compare to the natural spectacle in your links though.

    One of my lecturers told me he knew a landscape architect who carried a packet of seeds in his pocket, and sprinkled them around derelict urban sites to add a bit of colour and life to the city.

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