Plant ID: Honeysuckle or weed?

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Am I dealing with a weed or something worth saving?image  This vine-like plant has cropped up both of the two Spring seasons I've lived in this house.  This plant looks healthy and has VERY long runners, but has yet to bloom for me.  I don't want to rip it out if it's honeysuckle, but fear it is a rogue weed.  It doesn't appear to root along the leaf nodes where it touches the ground like many vines.    imageIt is coming up underneath/alongside an established rose bush scion, so digging it up may be impossible.   But I can pull/tug with the best of them if you think it needs to come out of the bed.  :)

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    That looks ( on my phone) like a honeysuckle.

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  • I agree with Dove, honeysuckle.  If I wanted it to bloom, I would pinch out the new shoots so that the plant will bush up a bit and also the energy will be diverted into producing flowers. I am no expert on honeysuckle, but that is what I would do Peggy.

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    Thank you, Dove and GD2.  I feared it might be invasive Japanese Honeysuckle, but the base of my leaves are quite heart shaped and none of the leaves of the Japanese Honeysuckle appear to be so.  It's buried deep in a huge clump of Giant Liriope grass and a gnarly, thorny established Whiskey Mac (I think) rose bush, so pinching out new shoots is nearly impossible.  I can grab long runners and pull them out with great force, but I can't get in there very easily.  Perhaps with long-handled lopping tool I can.  I'll give your suggestion a go, GD2.  Wouldn't mind some honeysuckle aroma in the front yard, if I can keep it in control.  The long runners just come out and fall down to the ground and lay there.  :{

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