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Magnolia Delevai



I recently bought two Magnolia Delevai which I have potted in a sheltered location. The leaves came with some slug damage but now the leaves have turned like this. Any ideas as to what the cause might be?




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    HI Rory - I don't have any magnolias and it maybe something specific to magnolias that is affecting yours, but it may be worth doing a bit of research on bacterial or algal leaf spot.
    Or it may be they're just settling into their new home and feeling a bit stressed.
    I know they prefer an acid soil but will still be fine on alkaline soil. Or have you been watering them hard with tap water - or possibly just an after-effect of getting through winter...

    I really don't know what the problem is - just some thoughts.
    I wish you and your magnolias well

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  • M. delavayi is slightly tender - i.e needs protection for the coldest weather unless you're in Bournemouth, for example. I expect that's frost damage. Hopefully it'll have affected no more than a few leaves.  Is it in the ground or in a pot?  Better in the ground, always and this species is happy on chalky soils, which is a bonus!


  • Thanks

    they are currently potted but in a sheltered spot out of cold winds etc. We are however in East Anglia so have had some frosts in recent months.

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