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french marigolds not germinating

Once again I am having problems germinating French marigolds. I have tried putting into a propagator, covering/not covering with newspaper. Poking seed in upright. I am about to give up1 Any hints anyone?


  • TopsoiledTopsoiled Posts: 113

    I have the min one of my greenhouses. I pull them up at the end of the year and leave some of the seeds lying around. They germinate all over the place. Therefore the conditions are warm mainly dry and very very sandy soil. I would guess that perhaps they are too damp? Are they rotting? Why not sprinkle some on sandy topsoil give them a water, and leave in the greenhouse or warm dry light position - I wouldn't let them dry out completely but would keep them on the dry side. No expert but my propagator is warm and humid, my greenhouse is warmer and much much drier. That would be the only obvious difference.

  • mac12mac12 Posts: 191

    I have the same thing this year sowed orange and yellow same firms seeds same conditions all yellow ones grew but only 5 orange ones.

    I also bought some tulips from Lidl planted them in containers outside front door red ones going to be full of flowers yellow nothing.

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  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150

    I must've had beginners luck with mine.

    I put a bit of seed compost in a small shallow plastic tray (a supermarket babycorn/mangetout kind of thing), dampened the compost with a spray bottle and sprinkled the seed on top.  Wrapped a bit of clingfilm over the top and put it in the heated propagator for a few days.

    Once they started sprouting I filled a module tray with mpc, poked a hole in each square with a dibber and dropped a seedling in each hole.  This is how they look today.


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