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Forest Pansy

Cedric14Cedric14 Posts: 8

Hi - I would appreciate some advice about growing a Forest Pansy (Cercis) - can it be kept pruned as a medium size shrub  around - 5ft/6ft ?- I'm assuming it is fairly slow growing - Many thanks


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,140

    I was given one of these for a significant birthday.   It did not like cold Belgian winters and the top died but it came back as though it had been coppiced and made a great shrub.   Unfortunately, the newt winter was even worse and it turned up its toes completely so yes, as long as you are not exposed to cold winds, deep frosts and very wet winters, you can keep this pruned as a shrub and enjoy the lovely foliage.

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  • Yes, they do like good drainage and do well here on the chalk. It's a naturally small wide-spreading tree of open habit, so might look a little congested and unusual if too 'shaped'.  If allowed to grow up it can be easily underplanted as it is one of those trees that comes into leaf late, therefore allowing plants under it plenty of light for several months. 


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