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Spray patterns photos wanted for the 8 option Hozelock 2515


Unable to see any images or videos on the internet, doesnt feature at all on youtube, of the 8 spray patterns the Hozelock 2515 gives, even tried Hozelock HQ but they have no photos or video at all of what this provides. Garden centre say if I plug hose in then I can't return it, I have no means of keeping the cardboard backing dry.

Info on back says about size of pattern but in a plan view way, I need to know its 3 dimensional shape as I also want it to clean the underside of my car from salt.

Can anyone provide some photos of the 8 different patterns please ?

Admittedly the height varies with how much the tap is turned on, so lets see whats what with full pressure as that can then be lessened with a turn of the tap.




  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 21,875

    We just go to the car wash and get the special chassis wash with protective spray when its all clean and about to be dried.   Never had any rust problems in the 20 odd years we've been doing that and we do keep our cars till they get old.


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  • Merlin_3Merlin_3 Posts: 6

    Can one get this chassis wash without first having the car flailed and scratches put into the paintwork ?

    My car receives a Meguiars special wash, paintwork scratches extremely easily otherwise, its been deswirled after 18 hrs work with special cloths and liquid, massive difference in appearance, show room solid colour, jawdropping effect, no skating rink cobweb type marks. Wouldnt put it through a flailer if you paid me.

    Has no one with a camera bought this hozelock 8 pattern sprayer ?


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