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How much topsoil?

Just having a 1 meter high wall built across the back of my yard and I want to plant a mix of evergreens / bushy foliage stuff. (I know nothing about plants). The area gets good sun on summer afternoons and partial shade the rest of the year.

How deep should the topsoil be ? At the moment it's just three quarter filled with rubble but I'm guessing I'll need to replace some of this hardcore with better quality stuff and topsoil. what should I do next? And any ideas on suitable plants? I like the idea of a mix of variegated leaves lavendar and evergreen


  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,062

    I had some wall 'planters' built at my old house although they were not quite as tall as yours by the sound of it.



    I had 'weep' holes built-in near the bottom so they wouldn't water-log then filled a third with rubble then blinded over with shingle then mpc mixed with top soil. I guess width comes into it as well as depth. Mine were 5 house bricks (shortest dimension) wide which is c350+mm incl mortar joints. I painted the internal faces of the wall with Black Jack paint to prevent staining of the soils to the exposed faces of the walls.

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