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Blank Canvas

So, Tony here.

As per the above im looking for a few ideas. I have a blank canvas pretty much. Please see pics.

So the window that is currently in the side of the house is being replaced by double doors. Im hoping to put in a patio area or something along those lines in the green area outside of the current window.

A couple of issues or additional information points:

1 Our driveway looks directly into this area from the road, so i also need to plant/erect something for privacy purposes. 

2. I wish to also erect something on the far side of the 'kept' area in order to cordon off the larger part of the garden. 

3. I would like something relatively maintenaince free. 

4. I would like a BBQ area included. 

Anyway, if i have left anything out, please just let me know. Hope you guys have your thinking caps on!


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