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A new lawnmower?

I think I have a Bosch Rotak 320c or similar. I inherited it from the previous property owner. I replaced the blade last year.

I've had new turf put down, the lawn is about 17m x 5m but not straight and right up to the fences.

I've been watering it for the last several weeks and it's certainly grown so it's ready to be cut. It's now longer than what you can see in the photo.

I'm wondering if I should buy a new lawn mower and if so what would be the most suitable for my lawn size?

I wouldn't mind getting a cordless but don't know if they're worth their salt.

Is my existing one fine for my lawn?

I would like to get the striped look but because of the shape and budget, I'm not sure if that's possible. Is it too much hassle?

Thanks very much and hope you can help.


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