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Spreading raspberries

Last year I planted several raspberry canes of various varieties (to see which had the best flavour) but was presented with the problem of sucker spread - they are appearing all over the place as far as 10 feet from the plants.

Whilst I understand their desire to procreate, I regret I do not appreciate it. The suckers and the roots are so deep that I cannot remove the half of them. I have pulled all the plants out and dug over the bed to a depth of 2 feet but it will not be enough as they have moved out of the fruit cage into a mature part of the garden which cannot be dug (tangled tree roots) and where even the dreaded glyphosate.will be difficult to apply.

I would still like to grow raspberries, but are there any varieties that are not so bent on proliferating? I really don't want to have to resort to patio pots as I can't imagine they would give much of a crop, so I'd have to have pots all over the place. Thanks for any help.

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  • raisingirlraisingirl East Devon, on the Edge of Exmoor.Posts: 4,063

    There are 'patio' bush raspberry types. I've not got any but they may be less inclined to wander off. However I think it just is what raspberries do.

    They are difficult to stop but not so difficult to manage, if you let them grow a foot or so (enough to get a good hand hold) then just pull them up, with the local roots, it'll stop that particular bit, but others will follow it so you will have to do this regularly, like any weeding, really. Alternatively - more permanent but not easy to do - put a root barrier around your fruit cage (or just around the raspberries) - bury it a couple of feet into the ground and it will stop them going feral.

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  • EmmieLouEmmieLou Posts: 3

    Many thanks raisingirl, I'll give it a try. Does one buy these things? If not, how do I construct it please?

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