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Xmas tree dying


Help. I have had this Xmas tree since a baby in a pot. Changing  to a bigger pot each year for 6 years. This year it seems I didn't do that in time and it looks very sick now. I have planted it in the garden with lots of water. anything else I can do to help it? Cut it back ? Fertisliser ? Let it go ?  A lot of the pines are brown. Some even a burnt silver colour. Thanks daisy doesn't look good 

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  • I think it's had it, sorry. Why, I don't know, except that, if you had it indoors for any length of time it possible got too hot and then dried out, which they won't stand.


  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150

    It's not looking good.  Agree with H-C, dried out and dying.  Not much you can do, it won't re-grow if you cut back the dead bits. Sorry.

  • Thank you. I did have it inside too long Or longer than usual. Must be the reason. Bummer. Poor thing gave USC many great Xmas and I've killed it.  thank you for replying. Daisy 

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