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Liquidambar Worplesdon- Sweet Gum Tree

Hi All, I have just purchased a Liquidambar Worplesdon tree in Memory of my Mum, which i intend to plant in my back garden. I would really appreciate some help and advice on which type of soil i should use.  also when the tree arrives it is only 4 to 5ft,  should i wait while the tree grows taller before i plant in the ground. As you tell from my questions i have a lot to learn about gardening image..x


  • Get it in the ground. It's far better there than anywhere else. Soil - prefers a neutral to acid soil, but they grow well all round Winchester on the chalk. They just need a good start. Proper preparation, some good organic matter added at time of planting, a good drink and away they go.


  • pennymaxpennymax Posts: 55

    Hi H-C,  Thank you for your help,  to prepare for the arrival of my tree gives me a reason to go back to the garden centre, which is one of my favourites places to visit,  cannot say the same for my husband though.  

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