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New potatoes in tubs

Loz46Loz46 Posts: 103


I have some 40l rubble tubs/buckets that I will be using to grow potatoes in as well as in the ground, I will be growing Anya and Charlotte.

Am wondering what the opinion is on how many to put in one tub? I'm thinking the recommendation would be one, but especially as anya are so small, can I get away with two? I have way too many seed potatoes than I need!



  • I'd do three, but harvest them young. That way you'll get away with 'crowding' them. Don't forget to put good sized drainage holes in those tubs.


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    I'd do 3 too.  Anya are very prolific with that wonderful taste of Pink Fir Apple (from which they were bred, together with Desiree) but without the knobbly bits!  One of my favourite dishes - a plate of hot anya and broad beans with lots of proper butter - Yum! image

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  • Loz46Loz46 Posts: 103

    Great - even better! Thanks both! 

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