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Help for Wisteria

wsjbauerwsjbauer Posts: 2

Hi, I have a Wisteria Floribunda Violacea planted in 2010 which has done very well in past years. This year it set a ton of buds but never leafed out or bloomed. The neighbor's bloomed normally, as did my Japanese Wisteria on the same side of the house.

It's still green below the bark, so not dead, and a new shoot is growing out from the roots. So I'm not sure what is going on. Any ideas? Not sure at this point whether to cut it back, leave it alone, or replace it.imageimage

Any help welcome! Wendy


  • wsjbauerwsjbauer Posts: 2

    Thank you for the info. I am in Southern California, so Northern Hemisphere, but our Spring is very early compared to most places--Wisteria typically in full bloom by mid-March. I will see what happens for another month, but sadly I suspect you are right. Wonder what killed the main branches--it's not even 10 years old. It was a pretty wet winter, but not very cold, even by Southern California standards. Nowhere near freezing. Thanks again.


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