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Help please identifying tree


Can anyone identify this tree for me? It is in our front garden . It has grown about 18 inches each year. It is evergreen, smells of pine, has very red stem and underside of branches. The foliage is spikey to look at, but soft and fluffy to the touch.

I fear it is a thug that has seeded in on its own and I'll have to get rid of it, but it is lovely at the moment.


  • It looks like a cryptomeria a lovely tree which changes to a lovely bronze in the autumn, yes it does make a large tree.

  • Thank you for the reply. It's about 4 foot high at the moment. As it sounds as if it might be worth saving, do you think it's worth a try digging it out and relocating to the back garden?

  • Can't think of any reason not to especially as it's still quite young, try and get as much rootball as you can and don't forget to keep it watered especially the first year you move it.

  • Thank-you. I'll give it a go. At least it will have a chance of surviving because it can't stay where it is at the moment.

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