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Last year OH ordered a selection of Bletilla for me (Telegraph offer).  The bare roots supplied were not good.  Even though I tended the plants carefully, they did not thrive.

This was reported to Hayloft, who promised replacements.  They couldn't fulfil this immediately, and promised to do so in "mid March" this year. 

Cynically, having heard nothing, I assumed that it would be yet another promise unfulfilled.

Hats off to Hayloft - replacements have arrived today (looking much healthier than last year, so I have high hopes of good plants).  No charge - not even for postage.

It's easy to criticise.  But this is fulsome praise for a company that admits to faults with the original supply, and follows up with the replacements.

I am one happy bunny!!


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    That's good to know SV.  I've always heard good things of Hayloft - I'm glad they're living up to their reputation. image

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    Just to tempt you all ....

    I've spotted that Crocus have various Bletilla for sale at half price.

    I'd love to get some but I'm not sure they would survive here (Southern Scotland).



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  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 7,263

    Hayloft supplied half my flower borders image. When I was first getting going I used to go for all their special offers......7 years on numerous phlox, shasta daisies, asters and a good little collection of hellebores are all flourishing image

    I was particularly impressed last year, when I had forgotten the name of one of the asters.  They looked up my order from 6 years before.......and I now know she is called Marie Ballard.

    Top company ???

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