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HUGE black & blue butterfly!

The bees and butterflies are out everyday lately.  Yesterday a huge, 3" wingspan black beauty flew right in front of my face to land of a hanging basket of phlox right beside me.  I was stepping over a low wall into my Little Garden and he didn't even flinch at my movement.  He had bluish-grey blotches on the rear of the wings and a couple orange dots.  Just gorgeous and not the slightest upset at my proximity.  Sadly, no camera in hand.   We're getting a lot of the big yellow ones with black wing edges lately, too.  Also not afraid of human proximity. :) 

Last year's Lantana was a real butterfly draw, but I haven't set any of it out this year.  Must do that.  The violet Pericallis in my Big Garden is really drawing bees this year, too.  image

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